1. Teach them how to cook. The sooner they learn the better. 
2. Help them create the habit of preparing a meal everyday. Breakfast tends to be the easiest and is also good for anyone with a restricted diet to get used to eat right after waking up. 

  • Not just coffee but food that will help them get through the day if they can’t find safe food to ear.
  • Chicken nuggets, hamburgers, sandwiches and smoothies are quite good in the morning.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice…

  • Make them responsible for putting together their school lunch box. 
  • Buy a counter top small electric grill they can easily carry inside a bag. Have them cook simple meals at least once a week while still at home. 
  • Small electrical blenders made out of metal and plastic that are sold for making healthy shakes like the one called nutrition bullet are great for getting used to making/drinking  smoothies. 



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