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The leg buddy fits perfectly.

I enjoyed my conversation with you the other day very much. it’s nice to see someone so devoted to
such an important cause. I’m pretty that many saved lives can be attributed to
your efforts.

I will share my story, in hope that others can benefit from it. I’m alive
today thanks to the fact that I was cautious enough to carry an Epipen and a lot of luck!

It’s it the luck part that concerns me, and the one that I would like to remove
from the equation for future incidents, if any.

It all started when my favorite bike shop hosted a bike demo at a local national park. I had limited time and by the time I was given the bike, I did not have enough time to go on the intended remote trail I wanted.
So I took a shorter more transited trail. On my downhill descent, I took a Hornet with me. By the time I managed to stop, a few seconds later, I had a burning feeling on my knee. Since I had been stung by a yellow jacket a couple of months earlier without any consequence, I continue riding.

Few minutes later, I reached a well travelled trail and passed several cars on my way back. Soon after (less than 5 minutes after the sting), I felt my helmet strap get tighter. Being cautious, I decided to dismount and walk slow, waiting for the hikers to catch up to me, just in case. Soon later, I heard my wife’s voice, just around the corner, so I walked up to her. She was intrigued to see me walking.

At this point, I’m feeling a little dizzy. So I explained to her what happened while I remove the backpack to take the Epipen out, just in case. By the time I knew I needed it, I had one chance to apply it, it I had forgotten to remove the safety cap from it. All I had time for was to hand it over to my wife before blacking out.

I learned to have the Epipen ready to fire, even if I don’t think I will need it. It’s important to carry one in an easily accessible place so that you or others can easily identify it.

Best Regards,


How to use Epipen

Bee Sting



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