Judy who is allergic to Latex shares the many life threatening allergic reactions such as one triggered after walking by a room decorated wirh balloons . This is how she described the challenges and risks related to living with latex allergy.

“I have a severe #Latex Allergy which in turn makes me also allergic to some #foods containing the same protein, such as bananas, kiwi, chestnuts etc. I need to call restaurants ahead of time to see if they prepare food wearing latex gloves or have balloons present, as well as making sure to stay away from certain foods. I have had three #anaphaylactic reaction as well as several minor. After my first one, I now carry my #eppipen in a Legbuddy. It has come in very handy on several occasions. Thanks for a great product that has helped save my life numerous times.

I do not mind you sharing my story at all. As a matter of fact, I just gave your website address to the receptionist at my dentist’s office yesterday because she said her husband can’t find anything to carry his Epipen in. I showed her my leg buddy and she asked where she could get one. Good luck with you sales. As I said, I am very glad I have mine. Even the #paramedics commented on it during one of my trips to the ER !


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