1. Functional EpiPens:  Yes, that’s with an “s” because having at least two EpiPen with you is a must to stay safe.  Make sure to check the expiration date of your EpiPens and always double check if the ones you have are not under recall. 

2. On-Person “wearable” EpiPen Holder:  The EpiPen should 
be on your person, not in a bag that is left/placed somewhere like inside a backpack or a locker.  If you are having a reaction getting the EpiPen shot can’t be delayed.  

The WaistPal waist belt that can also be used as a cross-body holder is the most recommended for school and summer camps. It’s insulated and water resistant and best of all, is comfortable to wear and it looks quite cool. 

No more excuses:

“I didn’t want to 
carry a bag,” “I was canoing”…. 

For all kinds of activities
Omaxcare designed durable auto-
injector carriers that strap to either the leg or waist. These products offer ease of movement and also
discretion because you can comfortably wear them. The WaistPal under your shirt and the LegBuddy under your pants. 


Epipen case for kids.

Legbuddy epipen carrier for ages five and older.


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